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Search And Find

How to find a suitable apartment?
To find a suitable holiday apartment or a holiday house on our page, enter simply your data in the menu on the left or in the welcome page: In all cases, enter the arrival and departure dates and the number of persons. According to the preferred destination mark also the zone and / or topic, finally click on Search. Now all the available objects will be displayed and you can see pictures of the objects, you can check the availability and price depending on length of stay and number of persons.

Inquiry, booking, paying, confirmation, traveling times

How is the process of booking?
When you have found a holiday home where you would like to spend your vacation, you can book it directly on the side of the object or pre-reserve your desired object non-binding.
You need to fill out the booking form on the side of the object. With this step, your object (non-binding) is pre-booked. Then you have 3 days to pay the deposit. With this payment the booking becomes valid and your object is available for you in the agreed period of time!
Is my booking binding?
No! If you fill out the booking form, your object is pre-booked but not yet fully booked for you. Only when you pay the deposit for the booking within 3 working days after completing the booking form, the reservation is binding.
What can I do if I have already found a lovely home for my vacation, but do not have a flight yet?
Just pre-reserve your desired object. After the reservation, you have 3 days to let this reservation become binding by paying the deposit. In these 3 days you have time to organize for example a suitable flight or other way of transport and you have time to clearify any other outstanding issues.
Do I have to pay promptly when I fill out the booking form?
No! By filling out the form you have made a non-binding reservation. You have then 3 working days to complete the payment.
In what ways can be paid?
You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card. The bank details will be displayed after completing the booking form and sent by email.

Arrival and Check-in

How is the hand-over of the keys working?
We of AlquilaHome or the owner of the holiday home will meet with you directly at the apartment to give you the keys, to show the house and explain any questions. You already let us know in advance when you arrive in Malaga. If you come by plane, please give us a call if you leave the airport to the object. Then our staff knows when you arrive at the property and we can go to the object, without having to budget for long waits. If you don´t come by plane, maybe because you are already in town, just call us 20-30 minutes before your arrival.
There are arrivals processed after registration, so there might be some waiting time in peak season, when several arrivals follow very close to each another. But normally it goes very fast!
Plays a role the time of my arrival?
Yes! For several reasons: For example when the day of your arrival is also the day of departure of the previous tenant of the property. In this case, you can obtain the object only from 16 o'clock. Unless the departure is very early, so that our cleaning team will be ready sooner. Mostly we speak in those cases a few days before the arrival about the possibilities with the new incoming customer.
Also, the time of your arrival plays a role in terms of our opening times. In respect for our employees, we carry no keys before 10 o'clock in the morning and after 1 clock by night. Also note that if you arrive after 22 o'clock, we will charge a 30€ surcharge.
What are the options to get from the airport to my apartment?
Taxi: You can take either one of the many taxis, which are available at the airport. Or we can organize a reliable taxi in advance. The driver then would receive you at the airport and bring you to us and your holiday home. All at a fixed price at which you don´t need to pay extra for things like luggage. The fixed price for El Palo is 30€ and the journey takes about 25 minutes.
Bus: The airport bus to Malaga city center goes at a cost of approximately 2€ per person. It takes about half an hour. If you want to go to El Palo, you have to take at the bus station in the center the line 3 or 11 to El Palo, which costs about 1,30€. Please be aware that several buses run only until 22 o'clock!
Cercania: You can also go to the center of Málaga with the Cercania, a type of train. The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs around 2€. In the center, you can switch to public buses.
The prices are of 2016 and may change + / - 10%, due to inflation correction or for other reasons.
What about renting a car with AlquilaHome?
No, but we can recommend one or another company.

Cancel and cancellation insurance

What is the procedure in case of cancellation?
If you wish to cancel, please let us know immediately. Then the following rules apply:
(Different cancellation conditions are listed in the object!)
Cancellation of a booking with a value of less than EUR 500
Up to 4 weeks before arrival: refund of 30% of the booking value less 25 EUR handling fee.
4-2 weeks before arrival: Refund of deposit of 15% of the booking value less 25 EUR handling fee.
2 weeks before arrival: no refund
Cancellation of a booking with a value of over EUR 500
The first 500 EUR subject to the above method.
4-2 months before arrival: refund of 25% of the residual value (= total - EUR 500)
2-1 months before arrival: refund of 20% of the residual value (= total - EUR 500)
4-2 weeks before arrival: refund of 5% of the residual value (= total - EUR 500)
2 weeks before arrival: no refund
The forward calculation models only apply if the tenant exactly paid the proportions mentioned above (eg 30% in the first-mentioned case) as a deposit. If the tenant has paid a deposit in a different percentage amount, this will be refunded accordingly.
You can create a receipt for the costs of cancellation. We advise you a travel insurance!

During the stay

How is it with towels and bed linen? Do we need to bring them?
No, bed linen and towels are provided at no extra cost. On arrival in the house there is a set of towels per person provided and the beds are prepared for you.
Is there during our vacation in Malaga someone I can contact if I have questions or problems?
Of course you can contact us. Our staff of AlquilaHome helps you during the opening times (10-17 o'clock) and in urgent cases outside the opening times! You can reach us via SMS, Whatsapp and email or by a call.
What if I need to see a doctor?
Of course we also help you in this case, for example we can arrange a doctor's appointment for you.
What can you do in the area?
If you are looking for inspiration for activities of your free time, have a look at the Málaga information booklets, which are laid out in your apartment or will be given to you when you arrive. There you will find lots of tips and information on all typs of activities that you can do. What we can recommend especially are excursions to the nearby cities Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Nerja, Ronda, etc.
You can also find on our website various information about interesting activities.

Safety advices

What should be noted about the safety?
Beforehand we tell you that Málaga is a city where you can feel safe no matter what time of day or night! However, you should note a few things as a tourist:
Never leave handbags open! The best is a handbag with zipper, which should always be closed. Even if you are sitting in a cafe and have the bag standing next to you, please make sure that the bag is closed.
In the car it's best to remove anything that can be seen from the outside. So don´t leave bags in the car, no electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS, etc.
Getting around the city, you should also be careful with backpacks. The best will be wearing it on your front, not on your back.
Sitting in a cafe or restaurant, your mobile or purse should never be open at the table. Also always keep your handbag in sight!

Departure and deposit

How does our departure?
Normally the customer leaves the holiday home alone and closes all windows and shutters and turns the lights off, lets the key in the object and closes the door behind him. Depending on how the deposit was made, we bring it back to you on departure or we transfer it back to you after your departure after checking the state of the object or we refund it to the credit card used.

Case of damage

What happens when a damage occurs in the home?
In this case, please contact immediately AlquilaHome. We'll arrange the repair of the damage.
What happens if I cause a damage in the apartment?
In this case, please contact immediately to AlquilaHome. Please do not order without our knowledge a workman to repair the damage or do not try to fix the damage yourself. It is then checked whether the damage is caused by aging or or misuse or neglect has occurred. If the tenant is responsible for the damage, the security deposit is taken to make your stay and the stay of the following customers as comfortable as possible. After determining the real costs of repairing the damaga the affected gets the bill that he / she can then submit to his / her insurance. A broken glass or plate will not be counted as a damage.

Client Opinions

"Good place in a perfect spot. "
Stefan, Spånga
"We previously rented Atico Alvarez in 2011, and were surprised that it has not been redecorated in over 8 years, nor has any of the furniture been updated …"
Ian, UK
"Das Apartment hat eine tolle Lage, 2 Minuten zum Strand, viele Restaurants in der Nähe, Supermarkt 5 Minuten, Fischhändler 2 Minuten, Bushaltestelle in die …"
Christa, Deutschland
"Good service and support via Sam. Villa Verda stay was ok, will come back. Recommendations : -) New sun roof on terras -) Wifi signal on terras -) Water …"
"Wir waren nun schon zum zweiten Mal im Duplex Pardo und würden es immer wieder mieten. Es ist sehr viel Platz für eine vierköpfige Familie wie uns und die …"
Anika, Hannover
"Great apartment in great location, close to city centre and ideal for 2 people. Have stayed here a few times and Alquila Homes service has always been top …"
Debbie C, Poole
"We stayed at Villa Verde for more than 2 weeks... We had a really nice stay. The house was very nice. Cleaned and spacefull for the 5 of us.i surely recommend …"
Stefania Schiroli , Curtatone Italy
"Aussicht aufs Meer und die Nähe an den Strand war Top. Sehr kurze Entfernung nach Malaga und Airport. AlquilaHome Service ist unkompliziert und sehr …"
Yeliz, Düren
"Nuestra estancia ha sido maravillosa. No podíamos encontrar un apartamento mejor que éste: hemos tenido el mar siempre frente a nosotros. Es como estar en tu …"
Sara, Perugia
"Hele fijne tijd gehad, alleen de tweede keer dat wij er kwamen waren alle kopjes nog in de afwasmachine zoals wij ze de eerste keer hadden achtergelaten. "
Jolien, Renswoude


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