FIRST/ OBJECT: The object, as specified in the reservation, is available for temporary rental to the tenant. The move in takes place on the day confirmed in advance. On this day the tenant will receive the keys from the owner or AlquilaHome.
The house is fully furnished. This will be confirmed by both parties by the hand-over of the keys, if applicable on the basis of an inventory.
SECOND/ LENGTH OF STAY: The duration of the stay, as confirmed in advance, starts from the day of arrival from 16:00 (exceptions may be listed on the website in the description of the object) and will automatically terminate on the day of departure, as mentioned in advance, at 10-12:00 (exceptions may be listed on the website in the description of the object). The tenant leaves the object on this time without the need for any legal action.
Arrivals and departures outside the normal opening hours:
The usual opening hours have been established between 10:00 and 22:00 from Monday / Friday. Arrivals on Saturday and Sunday are also served on the above hours.
Arrivals outside these times may be operated at a surcharge of 30 EUR, but never later than 00:00AM. Departures will be only attended personally on working days from 10:00 - 17:00 (not on saturdays, sundays or holidays).
The tenant explicitly confirmes that his / her permanent residence is the place he / she has named us as his / her home address when booking and then explicitly reaffirmed that the rented property will not be used as permanent residence.
THREE/ STATE AND PURPOSE OF THE USE OF THE UTILIZATION: By arrival the owner renders the object to the tenant in a good state. The tenant promises that by his departure he will leave the flat with the complete inventory and in the same good state as he received it at his arrival.
The purpose of the utilization is the temporary stay of the tenant. The tenant is not allowed to to change the object or its interior or to sublease it or to do any kind of commercial activities in it.
FOURTH/ RENT: The agreed rent has to be paid by the tenant at his arrival, deducting the amounts yet paid to the owner or AlquilaHome.
FIFTH/ DEPOSIT: The deposit of the leased object, as determined in advance, has to be left paid by the tenant at latest by his arrival. At his departure he will receive the security deposit back, on the condition that the time of departure is in the space of the opening hours mentioned in paragraph 2 (so excluding saturdays and sundays) and on condition that there are no complaints of the owner or AlquilaHome. In case of departure outside of the opening hours the deposit will be returned on the next working day. The deposit serves as compensation money for damage caused by the tenant´s intention or negligence. After detection of potential damage, a bill will be drafted that can be presented by the tenant´s insurance.
SIXTH/ CONSUMPTION/UTILITY COSTS: The costs of electricity, water, gas, are included. In case of a rental period longer than 2 months the use of air conditioning, firewood and heating are paid by the landlord unless these costs were mentioned as optional in the description of the object or the booking confirmation. Overuse, for example due to not turning off the facilities while leaving the house, will not be paid by the landlord.
SEVENTH/ BUILDING ACTIVITIES AND MAINTENANCE: Any kind of building activities, changings, misusage and repairings of the rented object by the tenant are expressly forbidden.
The tenant will be held responsible for damages caused by negligence and intention. Neglecting the aspects mentioned above can cause an immediate ending of the booking/reservation by AlquilaHome. The tenant will be liable for the caused damages.
EIGHTH/ LETTING AND SUBLETTING: The tenant is explicitly prohibited to rented object partially or in its entirety or sublet any parts of it. Therefore an eventual third party can not plead any rights based on a hiring contract or subletting contract.
NINTH/ TERMINATION CLAUSE: Any kind of neglecting parts of this booking conditions can lead to a immediate termination of the booking and all the rights based on this booking by the owner of the rented object.
In this case the owner will not have any right to claim the back any payment of the monies paid in advance.
TENTH/ CONFLICT HANDLING: If after a mediation by AlquilaHome between the owner and the tenant in case of a conflict, a solution can not be found, the case will be resolved amongst Spanish jurisdiction. Place of jurisdiction will be Málaga.
ELEVENTH/ NOISE: The tenant is expressly forbidden to disturb the neighbours by noise of celebration parties, loud music, etc. Furthermore the daily hours of rest from 22:00 to 10:00 have to be respected.
TWELFTH/ KEEPING OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Keeping pets is not allowed in the rented objects (even not on balconies, terraces or gardens), unless there is a permission of the owner in advance.
THIRTEENTH/ ANNULMENT: Variational cancellation conditions may be denoted in the object, but the tenant should aks the owner about the annulment conditions, before confirming his/her booking.
-In case of a cancellation 14 days or less before your arrival, the whole will be due for payment and there will be no refund.
- If the cancellation takes place within 15 till 30 days before arrival, you would pay only 30% of the whole sum of the reservation. Over paid amounts will be refunded, minus a 25€ administration fee.
- A cancellation with more than 30 days before your arrival, the paid amount for the reservation will be refunded, minus a 25€ administration fee.
For the costs caused by annulment we AlquilaHome can make out a receipt. We recommend you to contract a travel cancellation insurance.
FOURTEENTH/ NUMBER OF PERSONS: The number perons that can use the rented object is indicated in the description of the object and on the confirmation/voucher. The number of persons can be changed only according to prior agreement with the owner or AlquilaHome, but the number of persons maximum permissible can not be exceeded. Does the rented object -without permission in advance- house more persons than prearranged, AlquilaHome reserves the right to charge 100 EUR extra per night and per capita.
FIVETEENTH/ LIABILITY EXCLUSION: AlquilaHome makes an effort to keep the data on the website always up to date. Nevertheless erroneous messages may happen, AlquilaHome does not accept responsibility for this. AlquilaHome also is not liable for any incorrect information published by third parties on the website.
SIXTEENTH/ BOOKING: When you book directly, a faulty processing of the data may be caused by errors. If your booking caused a double booking or is wrongly registered, we have the right to cancel the reservation within the next 48 working hours. We can not be held liable for any consequential damages that may arise from this.
SEVENTEENTH/ FORCE MAJEURE: If the booked property at the moment of your arrival is due to force majeure not available, as in the case of a natural disaster, legal adjustments, strikes or the like, AlquilaHome can not be held liable for any additional costs caused.
These booking conditions can be changed at any time and without advance notice of AlquilaHome.
The tenant agrees to the booking terms by ticking the check box and paying the deposit.